History of our School

Kilglass N.S. was founded in 1840 in the townland of Kilglass but was originally known as Clonbrock N.S. as it was founded by the Dillon Family of Clonbrock as a private Primary School. The school was also often referred to as “The Ivy School” in keeping with its surroundings and the meaning of the townland of “An Choill Ghlas” or “The Green Wood”.

Built by The Second Lord Clonbrock whose wife taught there, the curriculum emphasised practical subjects which prepared students for later employment in “The Big House”. It developed into a two-teacher school where the Principal was granted the use of a free furnished house, a “collop” (grass for one cow) and turbary rights to supply turf for the school. A female assistant teacher was also employed. In 1873 Kilglass N.S. became part of the National School System with the Patron being Charles Filgate Esq. (later Lord Clonbrock).

In 1927 minor renovations took place with major changes in 1939. An extensive playing field was added in the 1980s and in 1998/99 facilities were extended and upgraded. The present school premises were greatly enhanced in 2019 with the addition of a classroom and facilities to cater for all needs..


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