We are in the process of planting a school garden and would love if you could
donate some HARDWOOD CUTTINGS from your own garden, or gardens of grandparents, aunties/uncle’s neighbour’s or friends
HARDWOOD CUTTINGS work well for most deciduous (shedding its leaves annually) shrubs and roses as well as climbers like honeysuckle and roses, also blackcurrant, redcurrant and gooseberry bushes
Take HARDWOOD cuttings in autumn after the leaves fall and the plant is dormant
DO Not take cuttings in FROSTY weather
To take a plant cutting choose a strong pencil thick woody shoot that has grown in the previous year and cut it off close to the base of the shoot
To pot up use 50/50 mix of multipurpose compost and grit
Could you pot up the cuttings and label them, maybe add information of the age of the plant and its history, how you came to acquire the plant in the first place, (maybe it was a present?) you can also include family name if you wish
For families who don’t have a garden if you would like to donate some flower bulbs, seeds or shrubs, you can also add family name if you wish. There are links to videos below on how to take cuttings.