Dear Parent/Guardian

I am writing to inform you that a child/Staff member in  Junior/Senior Infants class has tested positive for COVID-19.

Under the antigen testing in primary school children in pods programme, you are eligible to apply for antigen tests for your child.

If you wish to do this, please telephone this Freephone number 1800 110055 to request antigen tests for your child in the identified pod.

You will need to provide your child’s name and home address together with the school’s roll number 10863P in order to receive the test.

A box of 5 antigen tests will be delivered to the address provided with instructions on how and when to do the tests.

There is a video on the HSE website showing how a parent can undertake an antigen test on a child.

A QR code will be provided to afford parents the opportunity to inform the HSE of a test result, if they wish.

All children in the pod can continue to attend school as long as they remain asymptomatic and they do not have a positive COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result.

Participation in this programme of antigen testing is not mandatory and children with no symptoms in the pod of the confirmed COVID-19 case can continue to attend school regardless of whether or not they have participated in this antigen-testing programme.

Parents or guardians are not being requested to inform the school of the results of their child’s antigen tests. Children’s normal educational experience should not be impacted in any way by the antigen testing programme.

If your child has any respiratory symptoms they should self-isolate at home and get a COVID-19 PCR test. Even if a child’s COVID-19 test is negative, if they continue to have respiratory symptoms they should not go to school as they may spread other viral infections.

Yours faithfully

Vincent Glynn.