STEM Initiatives

We are proactive in our engagement in a range of initiatives which enhance the teaching and learning of the STEM subjects in the school. We have established close links with local STEM programmes and providers to bring rich learning opportunities to our pupils on an ongoing basis. In line with the aims of many of these initiatives, we aim to promote solving and enquiry-based learning which challenges the pupil to look at the world around them, ask questions and investigate through research and collaboration.

Science Blast

This is the RDS Young Scientist programme for primary schools. Kilglass NS in 2019 completed three consecutive years of the programme with our senior class working on a range of Science problems. The most recent study involved investigating and researching the links between Climate Change and ocean acidification. The reward for all the hard work is a fun-filled, educational showcase day in Mary. I in Limerick which is a highlight for all involved.

Discover Primary Science

The Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) is run by Science Foundation Ireland(SFI) and recognises the quality of STEM teaching and learning in a school. Kilglass has received the coveted DPSM plaque award the last three years and will be applying again in 2020.

Junior First Lego League

In collaboration with Galway Education centre, we have actively participated in the Junior Lego League for the last five years. Boston Scientific funded the original Lego kits but in 2020 we received new Lego We Do 2.0 kits directly from the Education Centre. which continues to coordinate this popular programme. This is a non-competitive robotics programme which encourages pupils to work collaboratively in teams to investigate a real-world theme while developing design and programming skills. The final Lego showcase in Galway is always a huge treat.

Tuam Herald Article (October 2019)