Kilglass NS BOM Agreed Report 14

Kilglass NS BOM Agreed Report 14-05-24

  • The Board of Management ratified the following policies:
    1. Career Break/Job Share Policy
    2. CCTV Policy
    3. Staff Mobile Phone Policy
  • The school calendar for the school year 2024/25has been approved by the Board of Management and is attached to this report.
  • The school will close on June 7th for local/European elections
  • Safety at Drop off and Pick Up times: The County Council have made recommendations for improvement of car park/school traffic, the BOM will cost these recommendations
  • The Schools Photovoltaic Programme (Solar Panels) has been installed and our students can track our energy creation from installed monitor in the school.
  • The Schools Annual 5km Walk/Run will take place on Sunday June 9th in collaboration with our Parents Association.
  • The soft play area and fencing has been completed, the BOM have applied for 3 additional classrooms, SET room, Multi-Purpose/PE Hall, staffroom and Principal Office.
  • The school will have 15 new Junior Infants in September 2024 giving a total enrolment of 140 students.
  • Classes have been allocated as follows for 2024/25:

Junior Infants – Ms Tully

Senior Infants – Ms Bonner

First/Second Class – Ms Braithwaite

Third/Fourth Class – Mr Kane

Fifth/Sixth Class – Ms Mullins

Hazel Room – Ms Poland

SET – Ms Beattie & Mr Glynn


Vincent Glynn

Secretary to the Board of Management